Wear your wit as a shield, not as a dagger. 


The mission of the Comedy and Humor Studies Scholarly Interest Group (SIG) is to promote and advance work in the fields of comedy and humor studies, to provide a means for those engaged in the fields to converse and collaborate with one another, and to support collaborative scholarship between our members and the Society for Cinema and Media Studies membership at large.


In service of this mission, the Comedy and Humor SIG will:

  • Highlight key issues within our fields and bring them to the awareness of the SCMS community through special panels at the annual conference

  • Promote the inclusion of comedy and humor scholarship in Cinema Journal and support SCMS initiatives by offering expertise and perspective on comedy and humor elements

  • Create opportunities for graduate students to engage with experienced scholars in a way that supports robust discussion, innovative research, and preparation for a scholarly career

  • Encourage and advance international participation in order to reflect the increasingly diverse global influences on the fields

  • Serve as a central resource for reporters and scholars seeking informed commentary on various elements of comedy and humor in mass media

  • Provide a venue for discussions of pedagogical practices for courses in comedy and humor studies

  • Create a venue for critical discussion of comedy and humor studies across various forms of media including but not limited to film, television, print, and digital forms

Dr. Maria Corrigan

Assistant Professor 

Visual and Media Arts & Comedic Arts Emerson College

Dr. Stephanie Brown

Visiting Assistant Professor

Media and Culture
West Chester University 

Doctoral Candidate

Performance and Media Arts

Cornell University

Dr. Philip Scepanski

Past Faculty Co-Chair and Co-founder

Dr. Michael Rennett

Past Graduate Student Rep

Dr. Maggie Hennefeld

Past Faculty Co-Chair

Dr. Annie Berke

Past Faculty Co-Chair

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